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Get Your Little Furry Friend at Your door steps!! We are a responsible CFA-registered breeder in Tampa, FL, specializing in very small Blue and Silver Petit Persians. Pick up or USA wide delivery available.

Why adopt from Petit Persian Cattery?

Angel Petit - Doll Face Persian Kitten

We are a reputable CFA registered family owned Persian cat breeder. Cattery that raises purebred, small, healthy, and loving very small Persian Kittens.

We specialize in the smaller sized Petit Doll Faced Persian Kittens, with a focus on large expressive eyes, some tear-dropped or round, with perky noses and a little smile reminding you of a cute porcelain doll. Our kittens weight is predicted to be between 4 to 8 lbs depending on the parents and gender.


Doll Face Persian Kittens

Alice Petit Persian Kitten

Doll Face Persian kittens have the same sweet disposition of Persian kittens, but without the constant ailments that often accompany flat face Persian kittens, such as the eye infections, and difficulty breathing. 

Petit Persian Kittens

Petit Persian Kittens are smaller than regular Persian cats, ranging from 4 to 8lbs, depending on their parents. These are not the tea-cup Persian kittens, which tend to be sickly. In fact, our kittens come with a health certificate, and are guaranteed to be negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia. 

Raised With Best for Healthiest Kittens

We raise Petit Persians in our home with you in mind. Always with: 

  • The best available nutrition to all of our cats and kittens 
  • A clean & stimulating  environment
  • Plenty of socializing with within the Petit Persian Family, our Labrador dog and humans


Happy Clients

I bought a silver kitten from Petit Persian Cattery and I just love the cat. It's friendly behavior always engage me and I never feel alone since I get this friend. It's lightweight and a lovely little friend of mine.

Jennifer, Tampa FL

Petit Persian Cattery is a legitimate cat adoption platform, so you can feel at ease making a search for your fur baby .They are professionals and offer customers the best and quality breeds of cat. Wonderful experience!

John, Miami FL

Amazing!! One of the Best place to get a quality breed of kittens. I am very thankful to them for providing me a kitten within very less time when I need a pet.

Adam, FL

Wish to Adopt Little Furry Friend?

So now that you want to get your own Persian cat, you are ready to browse through the options we at Petite Persians offer you. We offer you Petit & Regular Persian Kittens and sometimes adults.

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